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Colorado Aviation Historical Society
Colorado Aviation Historical Society
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2017 AvAr Expedition to B-25 crash site for members
July 8 or 29, see calendar, contact Brian.
2017 Joint CAHS and AAACO "Antiquers" Summer Event at Spirit of Flight July 15 and 16 CANCELED
Will be rescheduled for fall...
Our dearest friend, Dody Engel, has flown west Feb 23.
no service in Colo as she will return to her home state

And see our updated Colorado Missile Exhibit at the Launch Pad Brewery

See Event Calendar for all details...
CAHS Hall of Fame room open featuring new Dean Baird Exhibit and
the Rick Broome Aviation Art Collection, Bob Greeno Exhibit coming soon


Founded in 1966, the Colorado Aviation Historical Society is: "To acquire, restore, preserve and provide for public display, aircraft and other objects, documents, items and things of present or historical interest or value in connection with the development and history or aviation in the State of Colorado and elsewhere".

The Society began its operations in 1967 and the first aviators inducted into the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame in 1969. The Society is 501c3 non-profit organization.

What's NEW coming in 2017 on the website:
Rotating HOF exhibits in Eisenhower Room, now open

New HOF Laureate Bob Greeno coming soon

March 18 at Spirit of Flight Center and Aug 20 Membership meetings

Joint CAHS and AAACO memberships at Spirit of Flight Center, July 15-16

Sept 22-24 8th International Wreckchasing Symposium, Pasco WA, public welcome, event is free!

HOF nominations due Aug 1

AvAr's Last expedition to LaJunta Army Airfield this fall...!!

Click Links button and see the new additions: Aviation archaeology sites and other aviation historical societies in the US.

For photos above go to the Albums Secton for descriptions and captions.

There are currently 158 active members, 139 have e-mail, and 11 have logged in.

We are proud to count 57 Laureates among our members.

Colorado Aviation Historical Society

7711 East Academy Blvd.
Denver, CO 80230-6929

Office: 303-341-7711